About Kevin B. Jones Photography

Kevin Bernard Jones was born and raised in the community of South Central Los Angeles, California. Introduced to photography at a young age, on Sunday family trips to the Los Angeles County Museum, he was given an opportunity to use the family Polaroid camera. These early experiences set the seed for his life-long passion for photography.

Primarily self-taught, he focuses his camera on the communities and places in the world that are less traveled. Kevin’s travels and photographic interests include Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and the southern region of the United States. He reaches out to connect to people, and to capture images that include those of the African Diaspora, which he is a part of.

Kevin finds great personal satisfaction working with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) who support local community initiatives. He has worked with organizations based in Haiti, La República Dominicana and the United States. He uses photography as a tool to help organizations tell and share the stories about the people they support and empower.

What I enjoy most about photography is traveling with my camera and meeting new people, along with actually seeing and experiencing places in the world that one may only have read about. My personal belief is that, at our core, we are all very much the same, no matter where we come from or where we live. I attempt to represent this with my photography.

Kevin B. Jones

2018 Exhibitions

In Focus:Current Photography
Richmond Art Center - Richmond, California
Exhibition Opening: February 3, 2018 6-8pm
Exhibition Dates: January 16 - March 8, 2018

Seeing Red
Grey Loft Gallery - Oakland, California
Artists' Reception, Saturday, February 3, 4:00 – 6:30 pm
2nd Friday Reception, February 9, 6 – 9 pm
2nd Friday Closing Reception, March 9, 6 – 9 pm


2017 Exhibitions

With Liberty and Justice for Some
Walter Maciel Gallery Los Angeles, California
Opening Reception: January 7th, 2017
Exhibition Dates: January 7th - March 4th, 2017 

Post-Presence: An Instagram Gallery Take Over
Rayko Photography Center San Francisco, California
Opening Reception: January 21st, 2017
Exhibition Dates: January 17th - January 23rd, 2017 

4th Louisiana Biennial-National Juried Exhibition
Louisiana Tech School of Design, Ruston LA.
Opening Reception: January 20th, 2017
Exhibition Dates: January 20th - February 24th

LA Artcore 1st Annual Photographic Exhibition
LA Artcore Brewery Annex c/o Pranay Reddy
650 A South Avenue 21, Los Angeles, CA 90012
Opening Reception: February 12, 2017
Exhibition Dates: February 12th - February 26th

Sanctuary City: With Liberty and Justice for Some
San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery San Francisco, California
Opening Reception: March 25th, 2017
Exhibition Dates: March 25th - May 8th, 2017 
Re-Imagining Justice 
Los Angeles Community Coalition Gallery, Los Angels, California
Opening Reception: April 1st, 2017
Exhibition Dates: April 1st - May 2nd, 2017  

Jadite Gallery 413 West 50th St., New York, NY 10019
Opening Reception: April 20, 2017
Exhibition Dates:April 18 - April 29

Strange Fire Art Collective: Art as Resistance
Month of Photography Denver
Syntax Physic Opera, Denver Colorado
Opening Reception: March 31st, 2017
Exhibition Dates: March 31st - April 2nd, 2017

2017 Publications

Fraction Magazine - 9th anniversary Issue

FSTOP Magazine - Color Issue #83

Past Accomplishments

2016 -  ICONIC Black Panther 50th Anniversary Exhibition: American Steel Studios, Oakland, California
2016 -  Power and Politics: Filter Photo Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
2016 -  Santa Fe Photography Home Exhibition (Honorable Mention): Sante Fe, New Mexico
2016 -  All About Photo - The Minds Eye (Honorable Mention): Jules Maeght Gallery, San Francisco, California 
2016 -   Month of Photography Los Angeles: Pro'jekt LA , Smashbox Studios , Culver City, California 
2016 -  Family Portraits: Richmond Art Center: Richmond, California
2016 -  Affinity (Directors Choice): Amblewood Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia
2015 -   Project 24 Squared: Dryansky Gallery , San Francisco, California
2015 -  San Francisco Art Commission / KLAW Sights and Sounds of Bayview: San Francisco, California 
2015 -   Brush with Burdon: Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
2015 -  Hireath: University of San Francisco, Thacher Gallery, San Francisco, California
2014 -  The less you see, the more you know:  San Francisco Art Institute Diego Rivera Gallery: San Francisco, California
2014 -  Home: 4x5 Gallery: San Francisco, California
2014 -  ArtSpan Live Auction: SOMAArts Cultural Center, San Francisco, California  
2014 -  Home: Grey Loft Gallery: Oakland, California
2013 -  Photo Philanthropy ACTIVIST AWARDS: Photophilanthropy.org: San Francisco, California
2013 -  Global Visions:  World Affairs Council, San Francisco, California
2013 -  9th  National Photography Competition: fotogalleryfoto, Huntington,New York
2013 -  San Francisco Art Commission / KLAW Sights and Sounds of Bayview 
2013 -  Quesada Gardens | HP UNITY, Bayview Opera House: San Francisco, California
2013 -  ArtPadSF: Phoenix Hotel: San Francisco, California
2012 -  Discardia: The CK Gallery: Oakland, California
2012 -  Spiritual Journeys:  The CK Gallery: Oakland, California
2011 -  Night of 100 Angeles: The Cottage Gallery: Laguna Beach, California
2011 -  Photo Philanthropy ACTIVIST AWARDS: Photophilanthropy.org: San  Francisco, California
2011 -  Global Visions: World Affairs Council: San Francisco, California
2010 -  Into Exhibition: Rayko Photo Center, San Francisco, California


- Farm Haiti: Thomonde, Haiti
- Consorcio Ambiental  Dominicano:  Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
- Mercy Housing:  San Francisco, California
- Bayview Child Health Center:  San Francisco, California
- Literacy for Enviormental Justice: San Francisco, California
- Lucie Foundation, Los Angeles, California